Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Syntheshredder

What Is The Syntheshredder?

Designer Jesse Chorng thought it would be cool to combine skateboarding and sound synthesis.

So he’s building The Syntheshredder.

It’s a 20ft diameter skate bowl that will house sensors embedded under the surface. These will then be routed to a series of hardware instruments as well as custom software that will effectively turn the ramp into a versatile musical instrument.

By transforming the skater into the musician, the Syntheshredder will have the potential to generate sounds and layered compositions that Chorng believes will be ‘quite powerful and compelling’.

Along with several musicians and artists, Chorng plans to produce several tracks which will be pressed onto a limited edition run of 12″ vinyl records.

Chorng is raising funds for building The Syntheshredder as a Kickstarter project.