Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Syntheshredder

What Is The Syntheshredder?

Designer Jesse Chorng thought it would be cool to combine skateboarding and sound synthesis.

So he’s building The Syntheshredder.

It’s a 20ft diameter skate bowl that will house sensors embedded under the surface. These will then be routed to a series of hardware instruments as well as custom software that will effectively turn the ramp into a versatile musical instrument.

By transforming the skater into the musician, the Syntheshredder will have the potential to generate sounds and layered compositions that Chorng believes will be ‘quite powerful and compelling’.

Along with several musicians and artists, Chorng plans to produce several tracks which will be pressed onto a limited edition run of 12″ vinyl records.

Chorng is raising funds for building The Syntheshredder as a Kickstarter project.

Facial Control For Music Revisited

Remember FaceOSC – the app that lets you use the facial ‘gestures’ to control music apps?

Peter Kirn shared another example of facial synth control yesterday, embedded above, which captures some experiments by FreeKa Tet.

If that doesn’t make you want to give up trying to look cool with a keytar and take up facial synth control, check out this video of Kostia Rapoport, experimenting with FaceOSC, TouchOSC & Ableton Live:

There’s actually quite a bit of experimentation going on with the idea of capturing facial movements and translating them into musical control signals.

Here’s a FaceOSC + Ableton Live jam, via Jonathan Hammond:

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Richie Hawtin – Plastikman Live 1.5

Richie Hawtin‘s alter-ego Plastikman will embark on a full live tour in late-2011 in a upgraded ’1.5 format’ - one of the only live shows around where all aspects of the performance – music, lighting, audio, visuals and real-time audience interaction via the SYNK App – are controlled by a single on-stage performer. Hawtin and his team have incorporated new Plastikman music, visuals and interactive technologies.

Plastikman Live will be interactive for any fans with Hawtin’s free SYNK iPhone application, which feature live chat, a live behind-the-curtain camera feed and more interactive elements.

“These dates will represent the last opportunities for fans to catch Plastikman Live in its current form,” says Hawtin, “the 1.5 version of the show we’ve spent nearly a year of fine-tuning. After that, Plastikman will be returning to the shadows to begin work on a brand new 2.0 concept.”


* AUG 05: I Want My MTV Ibiza at Amnesia, Ibiza, Spain
* SEP 02: Electric Zoo festival, New York, USA
* OCT 15: Bonusz Festival, Budapest, Hungary
* OCT 21: Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, Netherlands
* OCT 22: Dekadance at Komplex 457, Zurich, Switzerland
* OCT 28: LX Factory, Lisbon, Portugal
* OCT 29: Fabrik, Madrid, Spain
* NOV 05: BerMuDa at Flughafen Tempelhof, Berlin, Germany
* DEC 01: Manchester Academy, Manchester, UK
* DEC 02: O2 Academy Brixton, London, UK
* DEC 03: Glasgow Barrowlands, Glasgow, UK
* DEC 07: Pala Isozaki, Turin, Italy

New Virus TI Programming Boot Camp video series

Access has announced a new Virus TI Programming Boot Camp video series.

The first episode looks at working with Pulse Width Modulation.

Here’s what Access has to say about Virus TI Programming Boot Camp:

Ben Crosland, sound design professional and principal sound designer for the Virus, will talk about the tricks of trade and share his profound and in deep knowledge with you. All you need to do is subscribe to the Virus TI Facebook page and you will never miss one of those great videos again. There will be a video every week and an extra treat for Virus TI owners: you’ll get the patches Ben creates in his session the same day.

Additional videos in the series will be available at the Access site.