Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mr Soundman VST: Ear Training for Sound Engineers

Enhance your frequency detection skills, get a precise indication of your abilities, and find out once and for all: who's got the golden ears? Prove your talent and you might win special awards and prizes!

- Play a challenging ear training game
- Improve your frequency detection skills
- Get a precise indication of your your abilities
- Compete with colleagues around the globe
- Win valuable prizes and awards

Mr. Soundman is a bit like an arcade game with an intuitive GUI, and rapidly increasing difficulty. You start the game with three lives. Mr. Soundman will play an audio source with a noticeable boost somewhere across the frequency range. Your mission is to identify the boosted frequency. The closer you are to the boosted frequency the more points you gain. Place accurate answers, pass stages, improve your score, and you might win one of Mr. Soundman awards! Watch the instruction video

Prizes, awards & competitions: who’s got the golden ears?
Depending on your score you can win three different awards: the Bronze Ear, the Silver Ear and the Golden Ear award. Beyond the fame and glory that come with them, these awards grant you special prizes. Sounds fun? Well, it is!