Thursday, July 21, 2011

SoniVox Twist a new Spectral Morphing Synthesizer

SoniVox has introduced Twist – Spectral Morphing Synthesizer, a new software synth, described as ‘a new approach to synthesis and sound design’.

Spectral Morphing Synthesis produces a striking, rich, controllable, and constantly evolving sound, perfect for use in pop, hip hop, and even avant-garde electronic music production.

Sound Design Made Easy - The innovation found in TWIST doesn’t stop with its sound. Users will delight at the speed and ease of sound sculpting and sonic personalization afforded by TWIST’s unique design. Rip, stretch, and contort with a simple TWIST of a knob. Making your own signature sounds have never been so easy!

Realtime Performance Features: - In addition to being completely unique sounding and easy to manipulate sonically, TWIST also includes a nifty pattern generator that transposes to your whim on the fly, as well as SONiVOX’s I.R.C. (Intelligent Rhythm Control), putting your performance in perfect time in realtime.

Factory Sound Bank: - SONiVOX’s world-class team of sound designers and synth tweakers have programmed up a bevy of over 200 mind-blowing patches that you can easily TWIST away into thousands and save as your very own.


* Spectral Morphing Synthesis engine
* Graphical user interface that makes sound creation
and personalization easy
* SONiVOX’s Intelligent Rhythm Control (I.R.C.) technology
* Over 200 factory presets that can be easily personalized into thousands
* Onboard tempo-synced variable resolution pattern generator
* MIDI Learn & Save Function – Lock TWIST’s controls up with any midi
* Onboard chorus, tempo sync delay, and reverb fx
* PC Standalone, VST and RTAS Compatibility.
* MAC Standalone, AU, VST, and RTAS Compatibility.