Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Against All Odds Documentary

Doug Moore a.k.a. Diadem and Gary Monteleone a.k.a. Status are on a bit of a mission. Their goal, to return the hip-hop genre to its roots. To be positive and relatable, and take hip-hop from its present day manifestation of negativity, an echo chamber of guns-loot-cars and bitches to something more substantive.

Quite a task for two unknown caucasians from New England trying to confront the demons of their past. For Doug it was losing a birth mother to adoption most likely because he was born without limbs. For Gary it's trying to cope with the fact that his mother was savagely murderd when he was just a teen.

They call their group H.u.s.h.h. or Help Us Save Hip-Hop. This film will capture their personal and professinal struggles while they strive to succeed in an industry that's increacingly soulless and over-commercialized.