Thursday, July 7, 2011

Engaging with Sound

‘Engaging with Sound’ is a documentary exploring pedagogy and sound practice through interviews with professional artists and workshop leaders. Learning and participation is taken as a model for creative practice, not simply as a challenge to traditional one-way presentation models (i.e. exhibitions and performances), but as a means to sustain their practice and to negotiate their role as artists.

‘Engaging with Sound’ explores how artistic production is experienced through a collaborative process. How can pedagogy be creative? How do artists and workshop leaders understand their careers and artistic practice between performing and workshop leading? What is the relationship between the participants and workshop leaders? What makes a good learning situation? How has new technology had an impact in this way of working?

‘Engaging with Sound’ explores practices of workshop leading where the sharing of ideas and knowledge is fostered in open platforms that bring diverse individuals together in a way that it facilitates participation and creativity.

'Engaging with Sound' will be featured on the Sound and Music's web platform for Learning and Creative Resources for creative professionals to reflect on their practice and careers as artists, practitioners and educators. The documentary also provides insight for arts managers and producers in considering their learning and creative programming.