Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Free Sound Design Tool now available !!

Free Music Software Developer Oli Larkin has released pMix (App Store), a free sound design tool for Mac OS X that allows you to morph between VST plugin presets using an intuitive graphical interface.

Presets are represented by coloured balls that are positioned on a 2D plane. The size of each ball and its proximity to the cursor affects the weight of the associated preset in the interpolation.

Morphing between presets often results in the discovery of interesting hybrid sounds. By constraining sound manipulations within a predesigned “interpolation space” complex transitions can be achieved that would otherwise be hard to manage.

pMix can load four VST2 audio plugins. It comes with a suite of specially designed plugins which cover a range of experimental DSP techniques (noise generators, FM synthesis, formant filtering, frequency shifting etc). These plugins can also be used in other VST host applications.


Realtime VST2 plug-in chainer.
Live processing of audio input, file playback or instrument plug-ins.
Unique multi-layered interpolation approach.
Rich visual control interface with real-time feedback.
Includes a suite of 9 high-quality audio FX and generators.
Many options for randomisation.
Break-point function and “freehand” automation modes.
Audio file player & recorder built in.
Controllable via OSC and MIDI.
Can be used with other applications via Rewire or Soundflower.
Changes from v0.7 (released in 2008):
Redesigned interface.
Supports instrument plug-ins.
Supports tempo synchronisation.
Now includes a suite of specially designed plug-ins.